Best Engineering Courses in 2023 – 2024

Best Engineering Courses in 2023 – 2024 for Better Salary and Career


Engineering has long been a sought-after career option in India, attracting a large number of students. However, not all engineering courses are created equal. Each course has its own significance and offers unique career opportunities. In this blog, we will discuss the best engineering courses in 2023 that can lead to a better salary and a successful career.

As per Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are the topmost demanding engineering jobs in Engineering which will increase even more in the future:

Position / Role Expected Salary Scale
Civil Engineer ₹3,09,000 +
Mechanical Engineer ₹3,50,000 +
Solar Photovoltaic Installer ₹4,80,000 +
Wind Turbine Service Technician ₹5,00,000 +
Industrial Engineer ₹4,00,000 +
Electrical Engineer ₹3,80 000 +
Petroleum Engineer ₹8,50,000 +
Software Developer         ₹5,00,000 +
Robotics Engineer             ₹4,50,000 +
Environmental Engineer ₹4,50,000 +
Computer Hardware Engineer     ₹2,50,000 +
Aerospace Engineer         ₹8,50,000 +
Chemical Engineer           ₹4,50,000 +
Health and Safety Engineer           ₹4,00,000 +
Biomedical Engineer        ₹4,00,000 +
Marine Engineer               ₹7,00,000 +
Naval Architect  ₹7,00,000 +
Mining and Geological Engineer ₹9,00,000 +
Materials Engineer           ₹7,00,000 +
Agricultural Engineer       ₹5,00,000 +

Best Engineering Courses in 2023 – 2024

Computer Science Engineering:

With the rapid advancements in computer technologies, the demand for computer science engineers has skyrocketed. The IT industry in India is flourishing, providing abundant job opportunities. Graduates in computer science engineering can pursue careers as data analysts, cyber security specialists, web developers, project managers, and more.


Electronics and Communication Engineering:

For those interested in electrical circuits, communication technology, and gadgets, electronics and communication engineering is an ideal choice. This field offers career opportunities as network engineers, software analysts, technical analysts, and R&D software engineers in companies like ISRO, BEL, and HPCL.

Information Technology Engineering:

Similar to computer science engineering, information technology engineering focuses on subjects like artificial intelligence systems, web applications, and IT networking. With the constant growth of the IT industry, this field provides opportunities as software engineers, machine learning engineers, web developers, and more in companies like Google, Microsoft, and Infosys.

Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical engineering involves the training required to operate different machinery. This course is ideal for those interested in automobiles and the manufacturing sector. Graduates can pursue careers as civil engineers, automobile engineers, manufacturing engineers, and more.

Electrical Engineering:

Electrical engineering is the most preferred branch of engineering and covers subjects like circuit analysis, control systems, and electrical design. This field offers career opportunities in telecommunication, technical engineering, and electrical design in companies like Siemens, BHEL, and Reliance.

Civil Engineering:

Civil engineering focuses on infrastructure, construction processes, and planned architecture. With continuous construction projects in India, there is a high demand for civil engineers. Graduates can work on building highways, bridges, and other construction projects.

Chemical Engineering:

Chemical engineering involves the study of chemical reactions and processes. Graduates can work in industries like fertilizers, petroleum, and pesticides. Companies such as ONGC, ESSAR Oil Ltd., and Reliance hire chemical engineers.

Automobile Engineering:

With the rise of electric vehicles, the need for automobile engineers has increased significantly. This course covers the study of vehicle engines and related components. Graduates can work in research, design, development, and testing of various types of vehicles.

Biotechnology Engineering:

Biotechnology engineering is ideal for students who have completed their class 12th in science with PCB. This course involves research, design, testing, and development of biotechnology equipment and devices.

Agricultural Engineering:

In an agricultural country like India, agricultural engineering plays a crucial role in increasing agricultural outputs. This field involves research, design, and development of various agricultural products and methods to increase crop productivity.

Marine Engineering:

Marine engineering is perfect for those fascinated by ships and the sea. Graduates can work on designing, producing, building, testing, and repairing ships, submarines, and boats.

Mining Engineering:

Mining engineering focuses on underground mines and the extraction of minerals. This field offers opportunities in discovering mines and developing methods for extracting minerals from the earth.

Aerospace Engineering:

With the increase in aircraft, the demand for aerospace engineers is rising. This field covers the development of spacecraft, missiles, and aircraft. Aerospace engineers are responsible for planning, designing, researching, and producing aerospace-related technologies.

Robotics Engineering

Among all other engineering courses offered by universities/ colleges across India, Robotics is one of the best engineering courses that focus on research, development, design, testing, operation, and management of robots. Different types of robots that students learn about are autonomous robots, medical robots, service robots, humanoid robots, etc. Students have to first opt for a Bachelor’s course in robotics engineering and then masters in robotics engineering.

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